Aug 142012

Eugene Loiko 600!

Hello to everybody!

Here comes a new report about last weekends.

There are lots of things we can be proud of:

  1. Firstly, last weekends broke the records of attendance for this year. It was difficult to count all skydivers becouse they were so many that our hardworking AN-2 was lifting the skydivers while the previous group was still falling. People were ready to fight for seats in the aircraft. .
  2. Secondly, first-jumpers also paid their homage to us on weekends.
  3. Thus there we had:

  • 21 jumps with D-1-5u;
  • 2 solo Static-Line jumps;
  • 7  tandem-jumps together with instructor (unfortunately, the weather was spoiled in the afternoon and two persons lost the opportunity for their first tandem-jumps) .

One of our former AFF students has become a qualified skydiver. Oleg Zhebratsky, now you you are one of us! Congrats! At the same time we’ve got a new AFF student. To be precise, a female-student. Good luck to you, Katya!

And finally: Zhenya Loiko celebrated his 600 jumps. Zhenya, if having such an extreme spirit, you’ve survived those 600 jumps, on behalf of all the DZ we express our deep respect to you!


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