During the skydiving season and out of it we offer the following range of services:

  1. Maintenance works for Cypress at Vendor’s prices  (+ spareparts for Cypress)
  2. Packing of reserve parachutes;
  3. Packing of main parachutes;
  4. Training to pack various kinds of parachute systems;
  5.  Performance of demonstration jumps during public and private events. Price of the service depends on distance of flight and complexity of terrain.  Call one of the numbers which are listed in “contacts” of fill the contact form if you wish to get additional information or discuss the date, time and place of a jump .

To sportsmen coming from neighbour countries and local skydivers, wishing to spend weekends in the countryside as well as to all guests wishing to stay over night at our place we offer camping area and campfire with a good company.
Please pay your attention to the fact that our DZ is located on the river banks, thus people who like fishing have an opportunity of spending long hours with a fishing rod near dark waters of Daugava.

By development of the DropZone the list of services will be increased. Please follow the changes on our website.