Jump with D-1-5U (short)


2013 season might be the last one when this type of jump is performed.

Jump with airborne military round parachute D-1-5U
(«codename»  DUB, which is how OAK is spelled in Russian).

(Jumping on this parachute system temporarily suspended.)

This type of parachute was designes shortly after WWII, and became one of the most widely used parachutes in the USSR. The main designation of the parachite is practice jumps of the skydiving trainees. Д-1-5У Due to its simplicity and high reliability it is still very popular over the Russian Federation and some of the nearby countries.

Here on the airfield, all the people who want to make this kind of jump are called “oaks” (which is a traslation of the “DUB” word, which in it’s turn sounds a lot like D-1-5U in Russian)

The jump can be dividen in the following steps:

  1. Getting information on the price, and list of required documents;
  2. Choose tha date of the jump, and make sure nothing else is on your schedule on that day;
  3. Contact us to book a jump on the choosen date;
  4. On that date you shold be at the airfied at 11AM;
  5. Find the jump coordinator (hard to miss her as she is one of the few women 🙂 );
  6. Fill the agreement, provide all the necessary documents, pay;
  7. Then there is the training, where you learn theory and do some practice;
  8. Stand still while the parachute system is being put on you;
  9. Go to the plain with the rest of the people and enjoy the comfort(read with sarcasm) of the seats there;
  10. Relax and smile while plain is going to the altitude;
  11. After the sound and the “Get Ready” command, you need to stand up and remember everything you were learing on the ground;
  12. Do a step forward after the “Go” command sounds.
  13. Fly under the canopy, and land as you were taught.

The time between the exit from the plain and the landing will pass as a moment. But this will be the moment you will remember as the brightest of all.

Those willing to try this type of jump are kindly invited to fill the online form, or call to the numbers provided on the contact page.

Groups of 6 and more people will have discounts.

See you all on the airfield of the D.I.S.K. skydiving club.

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