Equipment rentals


Skydiving season of 2012 is in full swing and most of parachute system have already found their short-owners. To all newly arrived skydivers we offer to choose from the limited number of items.

  1. «Arbalet 1» (2 sets.) student systems equiped with Cypress Student;
  2. «Hit-282» (1 set.) equiped with Cypres Expert;
  3. «Saber 170» (2 sets) equiped with Cypres Expert;

We also offer:

  1. RW-jumpsuits from different manufacturers, various sizes;
  2. Open helmets of various sizes;
  3. Goggles;
  4. Gloves;
  5. Altimeters (analog).

So, if you are an experienced skydiver coming to our place by chance and light, welcome! We would be happy to equip you, choose the system to fit best and share a place on the aircraft.
Contact us to rent the equipment in advance.