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Победители открытого чампионата Латвии 2012On 8th and 9th of September our DropZone hosted the Open Latvian parachuting championship 2012 for RW 2-way. The event was successful and our club can be proud for it.

This year five teams have taken part in the Championship what is one team more  than last year.

The competition was intense and sometimes even intriguing, the teams had to compete not only with each other, but  also quickly adapt to the weather conditions.

The weather did not allow to relax, each jump was performed as planned in a more difficult conditions  than usual.

The followings results achieved after three rounds of jumps:

  • 1st place – «Latvian Air Force»; team members: Eugene Hatkevich, Andrew Masloboyev and Kristaps Timermanis;
  • 2nd place – «RESVK»; team members:  Vitaliy Shekhovtsev, Ilgars Yusifovs and Sergey Beskin;
  • 3d place – «Spirit» ; team members: Alexander Lebedev, Sergey Zharov and Gennadiy Urban

Both teams- debutantes didn’t get to the top three but had very little backlog:

  • «Magic Orange» team members:  Sophia Tezhe, Vladislav Boikov and Arthur Lalov;
  • «» team members:  Kaspars Keisners, Martinsh Reimanis .

The Club and the organizers of the competition  would like to thank   all the teams that participated in the Championship, as well as  all the people who assisted during the event , and  to wish  all the skydivers to maintain the  optimism, determination and  to have an opportunity for more training.

And finally we would like to send sincerely  greetings to Eugene Hatkevich on his 1000th parachuting  jump. Eugene, we are happy that your  jubilee jump you made on your home DZ. Blue sky to you forever!

Please enjoy the TV-coverage of the Championship made by 1st Baltic Channel and the Club’s video-clip of teams’ performance during the competition.

And of course see the photo of  happy Eugene.

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