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Static-Line jump

«Static Line» is a specially designed jump system orginating from the US forcing the canopy to open as soon as you leave the plane.

Static line

Durig the jump you will be able to do the following thing all by yourself:

“Static-line” jumps utilize “wing”-type student parachutes.Those are designed to be used by people without any previous canopy manipulation experience. The benefit of the wing canopy over the “round” one is that the wing is fully steerable.

All of the static-line jumps are following the same pattern: you are arriving on the airfield having all the necessary documents with you. Then you are carefully reading and signing the agreement that tells us that you are doing the jump by your own will. The following thing is the briefing made of two parts: theoretical and practical. During the briefing you will receive information on the construction of the canopy, it’s technical specifications. You will be taught how to exit the plane, steer the canopy, and land sucessfully. This would be the theoretical part.

The practical part will include all the same things but performed by you, and examinded by your instructor. As the final part of the briefing there will be a test.

When the test is passed you will receive appropriate clothing, eyeglasses, helmet and a radio set, that will be used by your instuctor to correct your actions while you are in the sky. The only thing that can stop you from jumping now is you.

Then there is a takeoff and at the altitude of 1600m – the jump itself.

In the first 3.5 seconds the canopy will be fully opened, filled with air, and operable. The altitude at that moment will be around 1300m, and below your feet there will be a city, and, if you are lucky, snow-white clowds.

As it was mentioned before all the process is followed by incstuctor, who can coordinate your actions using the radio. The “Ground Control” will follow your exit, jump itself, and landing, giving all the necessary advice to make it soft.

If you have decided to make this type of jump please check the list of required documents, and please fill the form or call us to book the jump.