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Tandem Skydiving | Parachute Jump

A tandem jump – is the safest way to make the first parachute jump, together with the experienced tandem skydiving instructor.

All instructors possess required certificates, licences and medical certificates, which approve their competence. All of them have got skills, are very proficient, due to thousands of jumps completed.

Among acquintance jumps, the tandem jump is the most effective and the most impessing one, while being performed at an altitude of 3000 meters. The duration of the freefall is about 40 seconds.

The instructor controls the whole skydiving process: a separation, a freefall, the opening of the parachute, the flight under the canopy and a landing to the safe point.

The requirements are just a few: kids started at the age of 8, senior people, people with overweight, people physically underdeveloped or with some disabilities may make tandem skydive with the instructor.


Restrictions for the tandem skydive:

There is a possibility to make a video of your jump upon your wish and for an additional payment.

There is a videooperator available who can jump with you to shoot your skydive from the preparation moment till the landing minute.

One can order the video shooting, when registering in the manifest.