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About the club


Non-governmental organization D.I.S.K. ( Daugavpils Skydiving Sports Club – Daugavpils Izpletnleceju Sporta Klubs) was founded by 10 skydivers from Daugavpils in 1999. During 13 years if activity the number of D.I.S.K’s members increased till 30 sportmen. The Club’s dropzone is located in aerodrome “Zapadnaja Griva” in Daugavpils region (3km from Daugavpils City centre), where from April till October on weekends and holidays the parachute jumps from the aircraft AN-2 (3000m altutude) and airplane YAK 18t training flights are performed.

The main task of D.I.S.K. is to provide to its members good opportunities for skydiving skills development and to support the promotion of aviation sports in Latvia.

The Club’s main assets – highly professional coaching staff and united team of the sportsmen. Club’s coaches are recognized masters of sport, winners of various Latvian and international competitions, Инструктора клуба являются признанными мастерами спорта, призерами различных латвийских и международных соревнований, performers of demonstration jumps. All the beginners are enrolled in a group supervised by one of the most experienced coaches, where they get theorethical and ground preparation and then practical part of the training program. The club pracices and individual approach to each skydiver throughout the entire training process.

Besides the Club’s sportsmen about 500 people exercise their first skydiving at the dropzone every season. Many residents and visitors of Daugavpils on weekends come to admire the colorful domes of parachutes, as well as to fly on an airplane over the city.